Against SOPA And PIPA!

This article has some information about the Richard O'Dwyer case. He is the student I am talking about. He spent a night at a UK prison (the reason he did spent the night is still not clear to me) and was released after his parents paid 3.000 british pounds. 
 His domains were seized even if they were hosted in european servers and had nothing to do with the US at all. No website of his had copyright material. Just provided links to the shows.

Things are getting pretty serious.

First of all this SOPA thing ignores geografical borders of countries and their constitution, bringing "justice" to all the people around the world with laws that will be voted (hopefully not) in the U.S, without the rest of the world agreeing to such laws or even have a chance to take a stand. Will this bring forth the birth of "Global Police" or something within those lines?

Secondly, all these companies that distributed the software that allowed us to pirate stuff in the first place have already broken the law. I think action must be taken from us against them before they get us with SOPA. They helped piracy by promoting it and then they ask for laws to be applied due to the high amount of piracy acts. What they are trying to do is create laws to control the internet using online piracy as a mean to accomplish their goal. In the future a simple tag of "Removed due to SOPA violations" will suffice for taking down any internet content they wish.

Last but not least, isn't this a way of further diminishing individual freedom and strengthening the control of the government over our private life? Just think how easy it will be to issue a search warrant on your PC for SOPA violations. It won't necessarily mean that you violated any laws, they just want to search your computer for other information. It's simple. They are trying to take control of all the sources of information available.
Against SOPA And PIPA!

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