Battlefield 3 low FPS problem

Battlefield 3 low FPS problem.

This game is alwals on low FPS, even on low resolution. your system temperature does seem a bit high and it's probably the source of the problem. You need to figure out how to optimize air flow within your system and see if that fixes it. If it don't happen in any other games, heat is still a factor because Battlefield 3 is more intensive for your GPU. Not all games use your GPU to it's fullest potential. Frames that start high and drop increasingly almost always indicates heating issues.

I own an Asus g50v myself which is an older model for laptop gaming and I had the same issues a few months ago. The only game that I noticed it in was TF2. I just opened her up, took an air compressor to the heatsink and fans and that fixed all issues for me. If you do this, make sure you hold the fan down so it don't spin around while blowing compressed air into it because that could damage your bearings. Anyway, my temps were around 80c while even idle.

After blowing out the dust and dirt, down to 60c idle. It's still hot, but it's usually normal for intensive laptops. The video below is a demonstration to the problem. You can see how well the game in the video runs and then slows down.

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