Facebook Become Necessity Nowadays?

Facebook is going to be here for the long-haul, all the big companies and even electronic devices/digital media have facebook-ported integration like craaazy! And it's only growing... this is big $$$ advertising potential/expansion for these corporations. You can't compare these to past social media stuff (e.g. myspace / friendster... even google+plus, doesn't stand a chance - you're talking about 100's of millions of people on this piece. Also since facebook is going to be slowly put into the Stock Market shortly with their IPO's - this is creating even more frenzy - just search the google news.

As for the regular user, it's grown to such a large and indescribable scale... seriously, even my cleaning lady from Europe from baack in the day has an account haha. Obviously everyone has a reason if needed on there... I have friends and colleagues, even from school/academic organizations that use it to pass information - difficult to avoid, depends on your own situation. I use it exclusively to send/receive messages. Nobody can see my friends/photos/info unless specified.... you gotta use some discretion nowadays, because depending on your job/school/career - all that stuff can come back... depending on whether you want particular things available for an even more "public access"

These facebook privacy settings could be a little easier as opposed to default settings, but you can adjust it.

Some other annoying things are - that every damn webpage nearly is linked to facebook, so you gotta be extra careful depending on your "browsing habits". Easiest way is to make sure you're not signed on, and if you have a script-blocker (e.g. Noscript for firefox) - never allow the main two websites as "always allowed" and manually/temporarily allow those to load before signing in. There use to be some good firefox plug-ins to remove "Like" buttons, but unfortunately, web developers always find a way to bypass that.

I only access facebook from my pc/laptop - don't even set it up via phone... too easy to stay "signed in/forget" and start "liking everything".

Facebook Become Necessity Nowadays?

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10.2.12 delete

No, it is not a necessity.
I don't have a Facebook account because I don't have a need for it.
I don't have a need to watch other people pictures for hours, liking them and playing very stupid games.
A lot of people are saying that the only reason they are on Facebook is because they want to communicate with their friends and family.
Well, if that is the only reason why don't you use Skype it is a much better tool of communication.
But if the reasons you are on Facebook is just because everybody is on it than you are stupid and if your on it to find new friends and girlfriends you need serious help.

10.2.12 delete

Facebook is surely addictive.
but its kind of boring these days, thats what i think..