PHP Parse Error Unexpected T_LNUMBER

I am getting parse errors.

"Parse error: parse error, unexpected T_LNUMBER
 <title> TEST </title>  
 <h1> TEST </h1>  
 echo ("<table border="1">");  
 echo ("<tr>");  
 while ($i<=8)     
   for ($j=1;$j<=8;$j++)  
              if ($j%2==0)  
                    echo ("<td bgcolor="black" width="125" height="150"></td>");  
                    echo ("<td bgcolor="white" width="125" height="150"></td>");  
   echo ("</tr>");  
   echo ("</table>");  

I managed to find it out myself. The quotation marks within the quotation marks of echo function was causing the trouble. Changed it to inverted comas and voila! It works

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