Warm Bodies- Zombies The New Vampires ?

Warm Bodies- Zombies The New Vampires

Max Brooks' describes zombies as having intelligence lower than that of an insect, and being incapable of any emotion. Nicholas Hoult's upcoming zombie romance Warm Bodies a zombie who falls in love with a girl after eating the brains of her boyfriend, the idea that ingesting someone's brain could lead to a zombie absorbing its memories/love is what sounds silly I think. All this aside - I'm not altogether against Nicholas Hoult's writing a novel suspending that kind of disbelief purely for a fantasy romance novel, farfetched as it is (zombies themselves aren't farfetched - WE ALL KNOW THIS WILL HAPPEN! lol).

The main thing is that this will make zombies into the new Twilight vampires. Little teenyboppers will begin to expect all zombies to be like this. It will be all romantic and bubbly, and my lovely flesh-eating, decaying, animalistic zombies will die out.

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