How to become white in complexion ?

How to become white in complexion

How to become white in complexion ?

 Becoming white would take tens of thousands of years of evolution and speciation. When we all came out of North Western Africa as one homologous tribe of humans we went our separate ways during migration.

So why are people lighter pigmented in the Northernmost regions of the world and the Southern regions of the world? And why are people darkly pigmented nearest the equator and and lighter as you move up the meridian?

Take a Norwegian and a Tanzanian. One has blue eyes and blonde hair with light skin; his pores are also closer together and his nose is narrower. The native Tanzanian has brown eyes and thick curly hair; his skin is darkly pigmented; his pores have wider distribution and his nose is flatter. Yet, we're all human.

The difference is always in genetics, nurture and environment. In this case we are all from the same "tribe" of humans but we all look different. What happened is evolution. How it happened can also be explained.

The planet has three UV rays that the Sun projects unto us: UVA, UVB and UVC rays. The UVC rays do not penetrate the atmosphere. UVA rays are in abundance EVERYWHERE on the planet. UVB rays are strongest along the equator and quickly start dissipating as you go north and south. What's so important about UVB rays? They are rich in Vitamin D. Vitamin D is an essential element to our daily survival - so important that it led to the evolution of our epidermis. Melanin is the polymer produced by our bodies to pigment our skin. It's rather simple to demonstrate - you take a white guy like me and put under the Sun for a few hours and I'll start to tan. Why? Melanin. Not so difficult to understand. What is important is why my ancestors who lived in Northern Europe look different from my friend Hamza from Tanzania.

Northern Europeans and even people living in Argentina and other parts in the Southern Hemisphere are lighter pigmented because natural selection (and possibly sexual selection) took place to provide for adequate survival. Darker pigmented skin would not do well in the North or South because the heavily pigmented melanin expression from the genes would not allow much Vitamin D penetration. The darker the skin the better protection from the sun - to prevent from harmful skin cancers like melanoma. Peer-reviewed data has shown that darker pigmented people should take in more Vitamin D supplementation than their lighter pigmented counterparts. Conversely, lighter pigmented people do not fare well near the equator either - and are at high risk of melanoma. They certainly do not need Vitamin D if you live near the equator.

Look at Greeks with their olive skin and Middle Eastern peoples - all a reflection of Vitamin D. And natural selection over tens of thousands of years created this diversity.

Of course today we're engaged in the "flattened world" philosophy of Globalization. There's a great mixture of pigments and we should be careful to either get enough Vitamin D or whether to cover up even more.

Here's a lecture by Nina Jablonski on our skin evolution. I have several of her peer-reviewed journals as well:  
As for changing your skin - not right now. We'll have to wait for gene manipulation in the future. It would be possible for people to design the hair color, skin color and genetic makeup in the near future.

How to become white in complexion ?

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