What is difference between dev and turbo C++?

What is difference between dev and turbo C++?

Turbo C++ is/was a C++ compiler from Borland, used in ancient times. It shipped with an IDE. -> Don't use it for your own good - there are much better tools in existence. The 90s version (most commonly used) will not teach you proper modern C++.

Dev C++ was a free C++ IDE from Bloodshed Software, it used MinGW/GCC as a compiler. -> it is no longer developed, but a fork lives on AFAIK, see wxDev-C++. There are probably better IDEs, the long outdated version used an old version of MinGW/GCC, so you want something newer, more up to date.

For a compiler & IDE bundled package see Microsoft Visual C++ (it has a free version).
You can also use free tools like GCC (GNU Compiler Collection - it has a GNU C++ Compiler called g++, Windows port is called MinGW), etc, and some IDE like NetBeans C/C++, Eclipse CDT, Code::Blocks, etc. Usually these free (or not) IDEs can use more than one compiler - or you can use makefiles to do whatever you want in a customized setup.


What is difference between dev and turbo C++?

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