[Help Searching Windows Files] TurboTax 2014 missing Files/Dissappeared please help

OK, so my dad was using turbo tax and he saved his documents and then closed turbotax and then he remembered wanted to do a backup of this file and it wasn't there to even load so he couldn't do a backup... 1, would anybody know what has happened here and how the files disappeared... 2. A window file search, is there a way to search for files modified on that date or something, actually i did a DATE MODIFIED search but too many dox came up and didnt see any turbotax docs but there were so many files that when i sorted it i was hoping to see a turbo tax sort column but i didnt... I did also try a *.turbo2014 or .tax2014 whatever there files use and i didnt see the said file... maybe im not doing a good enough search... I wish it worked more like mac with the recent file search in spotlight, it lists all the most recent files that were aved or modified.... Maybe there is a temp folder where turbo tax keeps files where it may make saves on docs while the program is open... Basically he cant find the files he was working on and DESPERATELY needs help finding them.. He worked on this document for 2 or 3 hours and now all his work is gone... Please help!!!!

Maybe it was the online version?

Maybe it was the online version?

When you start TurboTax again, can he open the file?

Two ideas:
(1) TurboTax 2014 uses a file type of:

So do a search of his entire hard drive for *.tax2014 — and do it on all partitions, if it has more than a C drive (D, E, etc.).

(2) Run TurboTax via Start>All Programs>TurboTax 2014>TurboTax 2014. It should give you a dialog to continue your return. It looks like this:

Look here: C:UsersusernameDocumentsTurboTax . This is the default folder for Turbo Tax files.

My extensions for file are .tt14

Look there and see if you can find the files.

If the return was closed without saving, it could be gone.

> My extensions for file are .tt14

That's interesting — I wonder if it depends on country/edition (I know you're in Canada). I've been using the U.S. Home & Business edition for many years. I checked the past five years — all of the extensions are .taxYYYY. Regards, Joe

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