Printer, IE, and Windows Performance problem on 2 domain computers

I asked this question on another help forum and had a lot of input but nothing seemed to work, so I'm hoping the Experts Exchange community can help me out, below is the info:Sorry I know the title is a little vague.

I have 2 domain computers with identical problems, but keep in my the other 20 computers on the domain are working fine so its likely not on the networking or server end of things. The domain/network is controller by 2008 SBS

The problems are as follows:

Search functions (in the start menu) would take 30 seconds or more to produce anything
Printing from any application would take 30 seconds or more and lock up the application for that designated time
Internet Explorer takes 30 seconds to start the application (not load a web page) (other browsers do not have this problem)
Right clicking any file or folder takes 30 seconds
Bringing up a printer's properties takes 30 seconds or more.
launching any application that is directly correlated with Windows takes 30+? seconds to load (CMD, Event Viewer, all MMS, etc. )

Here is what I've tried:
Ran 8 different AV/Malware scanners just to rule out a virus infection, These computers are clean.
Ran Disk cleanup
Ran ccleaner
Ran Sfc /scannow
Uninstalled IE 11 and installed IE 10 (to try and fix the IE problems)
Uninstalled the Virus protection (Vipre)
Turned off the Print Spooler just to see if IE would load faster.
Uninstalled and reinstalled all the printers. (Yes even tried clearing out the SPOOL folder)
Tried a System Restore on both computer about a week before the reported problems

Performance Monitors are fine and system resources are great
Both computers have 3.4GHZ Core i5 processors and 6GB of RAM.

I suspected a corruption in Windows due to all the problems and failed fixes.

I've had to repair corrupt windows installations before so on both computers I finally 'gave up' and ran a Windows 7 reinstall, here is an article in case you were wondering what that entails.

So here are the results after running the repair and reinstalling the first batch of 170 updates and updating IE to version 10:
Computer 1: Everything works great except the printers are still exhibiting the same delay and locking up applications (Yes I've tried reinstalling all printers, even cleared out the SPOOL folder and reinstalled, same problem)

(Also made sure all drivers were up to date for each printer)

(Also setup all the printers with an IP connection rather than through the Server Printer Shares- Problem still exists)

(Also tried removing all printers except the USB connected printer - Problem still exists) - Tried using just one network printer too and removing the USB printer - Problem still exists.

Computer 2: Nothing is fixed. all of the problems are still there.

I really do not want to do a fresh install on Computer 2 due to the large amount of applications this guy uses (15 or more) and each application has settings/configurations that would have to be transferred.- But I'm getting the feeling that a Fresh install may be my only option -

As for computer 1, I'm stumped.

Thanks again for any an all input.

Well Everyone I figured it out.. I dunno why I didn't think to do this before and also I'm a bit surprised that it worked, (also its my Birthday today so that might have something to do with it, ha ha).

I compared 2 working computers with the 2 problematic computers and decided that I would uninstall any C+?+? , .Net, or programs that were unneeded and weren't on the 2 computers that were working. I would reboot after each removal so that I could pinpoint which one it was. I started with C+?+? since I know it is integrated into many applications, drivers, services, etc.

Long story short the 2nd thing I removed was : C++ 2008 Redistributable - x64 9.0.30729.6161 ... as soon as I removed it and rebooted, everything started working great. And to add to the success, there was a new application on one of the these computers called Ecopy PDF Pro 6.2 that would error and fail to start, and removing that C++ Version worked for that as well.

Score 1 for the IT guys!

Look in Devices and Printers, click on a printer to get the Printer Server Properties. Look in the Drivers tab to see if there are extra or conflicting drivers. You may wish to first uninstall the printer on Computer 1 and then check / remove drivers. After this, restart and install the printer fresh.

My initial post states that I completely removed the SPOOL folder in Windows which removes all printers and drivers. When I re-added the printers I made sure to load only the most recent Drivers

I saw that. I am asking you to look in the Drivers tab and remove extra / superfluous drivers. Removing the SPOOL folder does not delete printer drivers.

Yes all extra drivers were removed.

Made sure only the most recent drivers were on the printer server as well.

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