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I have old windows server 2003 with dc, users, groups and data with file folder permission.

There are huge data with many folders, subfolder with having very different different permission.

Due to old hardware we had purchased new server with windows 2012 rs.
I have manual way to transfer all this to new server is create all users, define them in group, and assign permission on each folder, subfolder as per old server.

This is very time consuming and irritating.

Is there any way to transfer all users, group, data with all existing file folder permission?

please suggest.

-rgds -PK

robocopy the files over with the /copy:dats property i.e.
robocopy \source \dest /e /copy:dats

robocopy the files over with the /copy:dats property i.e.
robocopy \source \dest /e /copy:dats

I would use robocopy to synchronize the files between the old server and the new one.

Here is a step-by-step article for doing a migration:


Through this robocopy will folder and subfolder will get copy?

But how to transfer users and group from windows 2003 server to 2012 r2 server.

yes with the /s or the /e parameter, join the s2K12 machine to the domain, or make it a domain controller.

What you are asking for is 2 very different things.

1. In order to "transfer" your users and groups, you need to deploy an additional domain controller into your Active Directory infrastructure. Install the DNS service on the new server, then run DCPROMO.

2. using robocopy will solve the second issue of moving the files and folders with NTFS permissions.


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