Can't connect automatically to network from windows 8.1

I keep having to enter the wireless key in my home network on a windows 8.1 Lenovo laptop. I am useing a Linksys EA6900. When I am at networks it seems to connect wtomatically. Is there some setting on eitger the router or the laptop that I can change to keep me from having to enter the key everytime

Did you checked the "connect automaticaly" checkbox?

Did you checked the "connect automaticaly" checkbox?

You might also try remaking the wireless profile

Open an admin command prompt (right click on cmd.exe and Run as Administrator) and do the following:
netsh wlan show profiles To see all profiles
netsh wlan delete profile name="Profile Name" To delete profile

Now close the command prompt and go to the Wireless icon and make a new profile to connect.

Per the above post, make sure Automatically Connect is selected.

Yes I did check the connect automatically.

I will try the other suggestion

Is there anyway to setup a profile manually like you can in Windows 7?

Yes, but it is tricky because you have to use a command line.

Use netsh wlan show profiles name="Profile Name" To see profile details

It is easier (way easier) to delete the profile and then set it up again. I have numerous profiles and (a) I have re-created them and (b) they all work.

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