How do I perform a vulnerability scan on a windows 7 or windows 8 operating system

I would like to know how to perform a vulnerability report that can generate a report of the before and after results . I have been searching on the Internet and have found mostly organizations that want to consult with you and charge large sums of money. All i need is a piece of software of utility than can scan my computers or network and provide the aforementioned before and after results. I don't expect this to be a free utility and am willing to pay for a reliable vulnerability report assessment

Please give me your recommendations on what software I should be using to perform vulnerability assessment.
Thank you in advance.

microsoft baseline security analyser is a good tool

microsoft baseline security analyser is a good tool

We do consulting for customers and we use Nexpose Metasploit.

Thing is, to do a pentest or a vulnerability scan, you need to be able to interpret the results of those scanners. The results alone are worth nothing. So unless you are a security expert, you won't achieve much. Also consider the difference between doing it yourself and asking someone - you yourself will overlook so many things just because you assume they work the way they should.

Vulnerability for anything in general? Or everything?

For example you can run this test for Freak flaw in browsers and it will have output also.

Is this the type of scans your looking for?

Thanks gentlemen. I know what direction to go in. Your input was invaluable to my making a decision.

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