How do I repair a Win7 registry key whose values I cannot display or delete?

I prepared to upgrade the Wacom Intuos Pro tablet by uninstalling the existing driver per Wacom's support. The uninstall process hung the computer for over an hour. I forced a power-off per Wacom's direction. Retried uninstall and similar behavior. Wacom can't/won't help and I can't get beyond first level support.

All this left me with a screwed up registry entry key "HKEY_CLASSES_ROOTWow6432NodeAppIDnpWacomTabletPlugin.dll". If I go to the key I get an "Error Opening Key": "npWacomTabletPlugin.dll cannot be opened. An error is preventing this key from being opened. Details: The system cannot find the file specified." If I try to look at the permissions for the key I get "The requested security information is either unavailable or can't be displayed." If I try to export the key I get "Export Registry File": "The selected branch does not exist. Make sure the the correct path is given". If I try to delete the key I get "Error Deleting Key": "Cannot delete npWacomTabletPlugin.dll: Error while deleting key." I tried Sysinternals' RegDelNull. It did not show the key as having nulls.

I wasn't thinking while waiting for Wacom's response and let any Restore Point slip off the end.

I can manually recreate the values in the key if I can just delete/re-add it. Any ideas how to do that?


Joe M

The Win7 64-bit computer works except for the tablet. "Programs and Features" shows the "Wacom Tablet" v6.3.7-6, the "Web Tablet FB Plugin 64 bit" v2.1.0.3 and also the 32-bit plugin.

I am not able to do a system restore because the Restore Points from before the uninstallation have been pushed out of the cache.

Have you tried doing a repair install of the original Wacom tablet driver? that might restore the registry entry & the missing file so you can uninstall it.

Here is the download page for Wacom legacy drivers:

Try running regedit under the SYSTEM account. Download the Sysinternals suite: Extract to folder, run Command Prompt as elevated user (basically, right click and pick Run As Administrator), navigate to that folder within the command console, then type psexec -i -s regedit.exe and see if you can get into the key now.

Thanks Adam. That did the trick.

When I ran regedit under the SYSTEM account, the key did not show up. I manually added the key and then added the one value. Now it is readable via a normal invocation of regedit.

I would have spent a long time before I found that approach, if ever.

Joe M

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