How to set windows event viewer to automatically send email based on logged event ?

Hi all,

How can we set the event Viewer in Windows Server 2008R2 and 2012 R2 to send out email based on the logged event ?

I'd like to use it to know for account lock out trouble shooting and some other monitoring purpose.


Have a read of this article which should point you in the right direction:

Have a read of this article which should point you in the right direction:

You'll want to look at a 3rd party application to do this. 2008 R2 had a basic trigger, but is cumbersome to configure and adjust and has been deprecated in newer OSes. You could theoretically have a trigger fire off a script that has SMTP baked in, but again, you are now talking about a bunch of triggers and manually modifying scripts... not very scalable. There are enough event monitoring solutions that have databases of known event IDs, some relatively inexpensive, that you'll quickly get a return on investment from labor costs alone, regardless of OS.

You can make use of Log Parser to scan the logs and pull out selected event log which can be stored in Text file. And same can be sent with mail sending exe files with some vbscripts. On our servers we had installed this successfully and we used to get emails without any issues.

I strongly suggest you look at Splunk as it has advanced capabilities as well as a very user friendly interface for monitoring and alerting.

ok so in this case it is possible in Win2008R2 but somehow not for Server 2012 and newer ?

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