There is no email program associated to perform the requested action

Ok so I have a new Windows 8 laptop that has never had outlook/office installed. When attempting to send email from another program such as picure viewer or fax viewer or right clicking on the file - sending to email recipient etc we get the attached error msg.

I have found a few fixes including setting default programs which I have checked and double checked, Have also found a couple of registry related fixes, but as outlook has never been installed they don't apply to this situation as they have an outlook reg key that needs deleting.

Any ideas ? Google is not being to useful this time.


no attachment that i can see

no attachment that i can see

This error message occurs, as you say, because there is no program installed which has been registered as the default email handler.

The solution is to install Outlook, Thunderbird, Eudora or your favorite email program. That will register the program as an email handler and as it will be the only one installed, it will also be the default email handler.

The reason I wanted to see the error message is that windows 8 has a mail program bundled with it....

Here the best tutorial off the cuff:

Yeah won't be installing another mail client when the windows mail client works perfectly for normal use, just the attachment issue when sending from another program - picture viewer etc.

Just so we are clear - mail is configured and works fine if you open windows mail then attach a file and send it it works fine. Its when trying to send email from another program the problem arises, such as windows scan etc.

Have attached the screenshot of the error, sorry must have forgot to press upload of the first post.

I have the same issue as described here

but it differs as the machine has never had outlook installed and is not likely to so the key that this article tells me to delete isnt actually present on this machine and I haven't been able to find info relating to the same issue but with only the default Windows 8 mail client.

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