WDS captured images of HP8300 not listing


I have captured an couple of new images for HP8300 to my WDS, when I try to install and deploy those 2 images they are not showing, however other images are showing

This is a new Computer Model we are trying to deploy

many thanks in advance

How about creating a x86 install image and booting to that, to see if your new image populates; or you could build an x86 capture and redo the reference computer, maybe?

Have you tried restarting the WDS service on the server?

yes I did try that, as well as uploading the correct network drivers to the image

Have you checked the architecture of your boot.wim against your image? If I recall, 64 bit wims can work for 32 bit images, but not the other way round.

I also found this thread that may help.

please advise how do I do that please?


please find the attachment if that can be of some help

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