What Group Policy setting would stop a Win 7 Program's URL links from opening?

I have a group of Windows 7 x64 computers managed by Group Policy. A program starts at log on for all users that contains URL links, the links are being blocked from opening by a Policy that is difficult to track down. I have checked File Associations, Internet Security Settings, Windows Explorer settings and none of those settings appear to be causing the problem. A Standard User and Administrator both start the program but both stop the links from opening the default web browser.

Any thoughts on what policy might block a Program URL link from opening in the default browser?

What message the browser gives when trying to open those URLs?

What message the browser gives when trying to open those URLs?

With the Program open, I click the URL link, the blue circle appears for an instant but then disappears. No error message. I ran ProcMon while clicking the Link and can see some HKCUSoftwareClassesHTTP Registry keys being referenced with error "name not found" but nothing to suggest which Group Policy setting may be blocking the URL from opening the Default Browser.

is there any error messages when you type (or copy & paste) those links on IE?

Right clicking on link has been blocked. Going straight to the URL in the browser loads OK

then I think it is your program issue, what is this program? is the problem with all users?

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