Windows 2003 Server Computer name disapprered, Netlogon error Event 5721

Our file server running windows 2003 standard OS becomes inaccessble since today.
we are getting Netlogon error 5721,
The data on file server is available but its not accessible, gives trust relationship error
We checked in DC and found that the computer name is not present, we check in Deleted Objects container but its not found there.
We checked and found that SPN entries are also missing
We have windows 2012 R2 AD server with domain functional level 2008 R2

Pls advice

If the trust relationship has failed, can you attempt to re-join the server to the domain?

If the trust relationship has failed, can you attempt to re-join the server to the domain?

HI Chris,
Its a File server and have shared folder with security permission defined on it.
If i will disjoined it will loose the permission.
any other solution pls

I'm not suggesting you dis-join it first, just re-run the process of joining to the domain to get the trust back. Also, why will it lose the permissions on the shared folders? However, just in case, you can follow this article in order to backup and restore the share and NTFS permissions first:-

What you need to do is the following to ensure no rights are changed:
- Go to computer properties, click on Change Settings, click on Change...
- If the domain is displayed in FQDN (i.e. mydomain.local) then change it to NetBIOS domain name (i.e. mydomain). Do the reverse if it shows just the NetBIOS domain name
- As you never leave the domain, all permission rights should stay intact (I have done it on MS SQL Server as well as IIS server)

Most likely the issue in your case is that someone inadvertently deleted the computer account. After following steps above, you need to run setspn and created required SPNs. Once the computer is created in AD, you should move it out of Computers OU if the server was in a different OU.

INstead of disjoing the computer from the domain why not Create the Computer Account In AD the run netdom on the file server to resyn its computer account password with the new AD computer object

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