Windows 7 local login password clears itself

Hi, I have a laptop that has the administrator login disabled. I have created another local administrator name say "Admin2" and I am able to login to Admin2 without an issue... however if I connect to the network and login with my domain username on the network, then disconnect from the network and try to login using Admin2 again locally it says that I have the wrong username and password. I am using the correct format [computer nameusername] for the username. The only way I can make Admin2 work again is to login with my domain username and reset the password for Admin2. Admin2 is also the name for a Universal security group on the network, however I don't think this would be causing an issue. Any thoughts on how I can stop Admin2 from losing it's credentials?

if you try to log on in the local user you can type .user and password

Seems very odd, I would not recommend re-using names in AD so no groups with the same names as users, AD is a database and this could be a problem. Also might suggest creating a new local user account and granting local admin rights and then see if its stable. Delete the local admin2 account.


Delete the admin2 account and create an account with a name like 'localuser'. That's usually what I use for the local login when 'admin' is not an option. Assign that account local administrative rights and then try joining it to the domain and see if that works.

If you have trouble with a new admin user as suggested above, consider scanning for viruses and malware followed by a scan with Malwarebytes.

I do not have user name lose their credentials. Yes, strange.

Setup auditing for account management events and you'll see what is going on.

if you try to log on in the local user you can type .user and password

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