Windows Infographic For What's Running?

Does anyone know of an Infographic that shows how many services and or files are actually running when Windows is just sitting there with no applications open? I'm looking for something simple to show users who always claim "I don't know what's wrong because there's nothing running" yet any verbal explanation I try to provide is met with zzzzz...

Does the Task Manager not give you the information you need?

Does the Task Manager not give you the information you need?

Task Manager tells you just what you want to know and it comes with Windows. The Processes tab will show you Applications and Process; and the Services tab will tell you what services are running.

There are more in depth tools that come with Windows, but tell your user to right click on the Taskbar and select Task Manager.

It is an excellent starting point.

.... Thinkpads_User

I should have included that I've tried showing them this, as most of them are familiar with task manager anyways. I guess I was looking for something a little more...interesting and tied services, processes, and files together. A graphical representation of task manager is what I have in mind, I guess.

IMHO, it sounds more like the issue lies with your users' attitudes. You seem to be going to some trouble to help them understand, but if they already know about task manager, continue to run unnecessary crap, and yet still complain about the performance of their PCs, then I can't imagine what might suddenly make them start caring and change their ways. Maybe I'm just cynical and mean to my users :-)

It is an attitude and perception problem. I also realize I'm probably fighting a losing battle. However, I'm an optimist, and all users can be saved from themselves.

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