WSUS on Windows 2012 R2 is not seeing all machines

I have a single WSUS server (Windows 2012 R2) built new in my domain. I can successfully pull (via GPO) over 1900 machines. I am sure that I'm only missing a few machines (which are 2K8 terminal servers). All other PCs and laptops and servers are successfully communicating with WSUS.

My issue is that I have roughly 10 Terminal Servers of 35 Terminal Servers (same OU, subnet and GPO) are not communicating. I have confirmed in the registry that the servers are looking at the correct location for WSUS (port 8530). I have also attempted on one of the servers /resetauthentication /detect and I still have not seen it in WSUS after 2 hours.

Any thoughts?

Were these machines imaged??

Were these machines imaged??

If so, most likely a duplicate Sid issue

Roughly 1/2 of the terminal servers were imaged with a template. Some of them are showing and some are not. 4 machines were actually done at the same time and only 1 of the 4 showed up in WSUS while the others have not.

Run the duplicate sid script on them and you should be ok.

I'm attempting it on one of my test servers that are not being seen to determine results. I will report back soon.

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