Accessing MMC snap in to remote computer and accessing the C$ share

Hello Everyone,

I have a question but first I want to lay out or environment.
We have Windows 2012 R2 and have a mixture of Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 computers as clients.

I'm having remote connectivity issues with MMC snap-in and accessing the remote C$ share. Basically cannot access the computer:
I cannot connect to some client computers using the MMC snap in tool. Specifically the Computer Management part.
On some I can and some I cannot. These client computers are all the Domain and not a workgroup.
When trying the MMC snap-in I get the message "Computer \xyz cannot be managed. The network path was not found."
Note * I can ping the machine and I can remote desktop into the machine, as I have set those rules up in the Firewall.
I'm a Domain admin and figured out the settings to allow me to do that for ICMP ping-inbound IPv4

Steps taken to try and resolve this mmc snap in issue: I started the service Winrm to Automatic when the computer starts up as a services but still no luck.

Also when I try to access the C$ share I get the same message that this computer is not accessible.
This is a new machine I'm currently testing with so there is no current anti-virus on the machine. I also turned of Windows Defender.

I know it's a firewall setting because I turned off the firewall on this particular machine I'm trouble shooting and I was able to get in.

Can someone please assist with what rules need to be enabled or created.

Thank you very much

this is a great article. However, I will do this on the group policy when I apply it to the test environment.

However the computer I'm using now is does not have this policy so I can change the firewall via the client side computer.

However, why wont the Winrm services running on the machine allow this to work? I mean it's basically the same thing you have listed in your post however you are showing via group policy, which is the road I will go down.
But for testing I simply enabled the Winrm service on this computer and it's not working. However it should be since that services is running.?

You enabled the service but it may have not configured the windows firewall. You don't have to do it through group policy just the article shows you what is needed. You need to enable Windows Remote Management in windows firewall.

I think I answered my own question. For testing purposes I would go to a client / firewall / and enable Windows Remote Management (HTTP-in) on Domain. However I see there are other tabs such as computers and users to allow.

I enabled this for testing and still cannot access the C$ share. Is there something I'm missing?

Remember I doing this at the computer level for now not at the Domain Group Policy level.

I just want to test on a computer that is in the Domain by editing the Firewall locally on that computer. Now it is the Domain Firewall I'm editing but it's just not through group policy yet.

Thank you for your help

Yea sorry I didn't read the C4 share part. I'm pretty sure that is File and Print sharing. Which should be on by default for domain joined computers.

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