Are there any known issues with the latest Windows Updates released by Microsoft for the month of April?

How can I find out if there are known issues with patches released by Microsoft? I want to make sure that Microsoft did not release any patches that causes any issues with apps or OS, as I will be deploying patches this week. Are their any sites that I can go to find out if patches released by Microsoft causes any issues?

Visit the Website. Choose the year and after the month. After copy the KB number.

Visit the Website. Choose the year and after the month. After copy the KB number.

Join some IT administrator forums, read IT news webpages, there is no official site for this except the KB pages from microsoft, but sometimes they dont list all the problems. But the forums don't do either.

Best way is as always, deploy them on your testing environment first, check if all applications are working as expected, then start to roll out. On not so important systems first, and then on most important systems later.

Also depends on the impact of the patch and if you should patch imedeately as there is imminent danger of attack.
Sometimes we also need to rush out patches and cant stage the roll out. fast test of most important things and push them out hoping all goes fine.

I had to uninstall two updates for Windows Vista because they broke the display.

My experience shows that buggy updates are recognized and removed from the m$ update servers two days at the latest after "patch Tuesdays". So a rule of thumb is to wait at least two days before downloading and updating your systems, then you can expect to be safe. Since patch Tuesday was last week and you are doing the updates this week, you should be OK.

Normally you'll also read about bugs caused by m$ update patches in daily IT newspapers. So look at your daily news, particularly after patch Tuesdays...

Known issues in April:
After you perform a clean installation of Windows 7 or Windows Server 2008 R2, and then you upgrade from Internet Explorer 8 to Internet Explorer 11, you may receive an error message that resembles the following:

Windows Update encountered an unknown error
error code 80092004 ( MS15-032 )


Several applications fail to start after you install Microsoft Patch MS15-038 / KB 3045999

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