Cannot connect to one (file) server when connected via VPN

We use RSA / Network connect for our clients to remotely connect to our network.

I have noticed that once a client is connected via the VPN they seem to be able to connect to all of our servers (except one) just as if they are in the office, this includes out print server, exchange, a Server 2003 file server etc etc.

The one server they cannot connect to is a Server 2008R2 file server.

I cannot even ping this server when connected via VPN.

Any ideas what might be causing this to happen to this one server? Is there perhaps a service or something which is disabled when the server was specified as a file server?

I have tried adding the servers details to the host file on the client computer, but this does not make a difference.

Is the default gateway correctly set on the file server?

Is the default gateway correctly set on the file server?

I just figured that out myself......

No Default Gateway is specified!

I think this was to avoid this server being connected to the Internet.

I think tomorrow morning I will specify the correct default gateway and try again. Sounds like you have the solution though.


We need to have a default gateway correctly set to remotely access the server over VPN because return traffic from the server needs to follow that path.

Please post an update once you set the gateway.


I will do it tomorrow morning (just to avoid any possible network drops) and confirm if it did the trick.

Thanks again

Perfect answer, I needed a default gateway specified on the server.

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