Copying Windows files to Mac OS Extended (Journaled) drive

How can I copy Windows files from networked PC to Mac OS Extended (Journaled) drive [Click & Drag?]. The Mac OS drive is connected to Yosemite MacMini and used as Acronis backup for Yosemite.

Most of the files to be copied are .jpg and will be used with both Windows (Parallels) and Yosemite.

Just drag and drop.

Just drag and drop.

Share the folder where the files are on Windows, then connect this share from MacOSX using path like \windowsyourshare as example. After that drag and drop should be possible.

Enable file sharing on both the PC and the Mac.
If you wish to watch a youtube guide then see:

Thanks to all who helped, permissions was big issue. However, I discovered Connect to Server which really served my purpose which was to copy selected files from mounted drives in preparation for formatting Windows 7 disc.

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