Migrate VMWare VM to Proxmox

Hi ...
I am trying to find instruction to migrate Windows 7 64bits (with SCSI harddrive ) to Proxmox.
I found these instructions, but it applies to Windows XP. Does anyone know a working solution -"Step-By-Step" procedures.

The process is exactly the same and similar for most Windows OS.

The process is exactly the same and similar for most Windows OS.

Thanks for the comment. But has anyone actually done this before.
Enabling IDE is one of the requirements thus would effect performance.

Yes, we've done this.

We have not noticed any performance issues, but clients have decided to use KVM in favour of VMware, Microsoft and Citrix, to save money, and therefore it was their decision, and have accepted if any performance issues exist, they would be happy because of the cost savings applied.

Thank you for your comment Andrew.
I would like to know, since you already have experience with Proxmox, how would you rate
Proxmox to compare with EXSI, hyper-V in terms of performance, stability, advanced features and scalability.

Thank you for your input .....

Do you really want to know that answer, and ask ?

Poor, but that's what you get for free.

VMware, Microsoft and Citrix are better solutions, in our opinion, but http://www.nutanix.com/ are producing a new Hypervisor based on KVM, which rumours have it, are a rip and replace for VMware vSphere. (ESXi), and is far better, better performance, and organisations will get out of paying vTax!

It's rumour to be so good, that the DoD recently cancelled and stopped their current tender bid, and VMware have lost our big time on the deal.

(We're hearing that the Nutanix hypervisor would be a version of KVM.)


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