Migrate Windows 2008 Server to Private cloud / hosted server recommendations needed

I am in need of some recommendations for a recent client request I received:
Client Request Info:
We are considering cloud storage for the client data on the server. Basically I want to have a local folder that points to the data in the cloud. I do not want a system that syncs data between my laptop and the cloud like dropbox wants to do.

Client Request Info Also:
We are thinking about ways to use cloud storage like dropbox and we had some questions about it.

1) I don’t necessarily like the fact that dropbox saves all the data to the cloud and mirrors it to each client computer.. seems like that would eat up a lot of rescources and we have had one hard drive fail because of that… is there a way just to access the data directly from the cloud without having a mirror image synched to the clients?

2) If we are able to do what I describe above… can we make all of our resident programs like wordperfect, PracticeMaster, Word, etc. look to the cloud directly to pull the data from and save to just as we are able to save to the server on lan with no problem?

I am not too familiar with the various options available for migrating to a private cloud and would appreciate any recommendation or companies I should look at to assist with this request. Also, I am correct to assume that a private cloud is the correct route to take vs a hosted server solution?

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Would you like to map a drive to cloud storage ?

Would you like to map a drive to cloud storage ?

They are looking to move the client files to cloud from server and access primarily from cloud..

Like dropbox but without the syncing to local machine.

They have a few remote users and offices in three states so trying to make access to client files easier. They primarily use word, word perfect, excel, ppt for file creation. They also have a database application for legal industry called practicemaster that they were wondering if that could also be moved to cloud as well.

Basically move entire windows 2008 r2 server offsite to cloud...

How would the files be access then from the client ?

via what mechansim ?

Map a drive from Windows OS ?

We are working with a client, to MOVE ALL FILES from Local Servers to the CLOUD, and these will be access as File Shares.

No Syncing from Cloud to Desktop.

Using Corporate BOX Accounts. Please note this is not Dropbox.


Yes, they would access files via a mapped drive similar to what they are doing now on local lan.

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