There are bugs on my file server on the files/folders permissions side.
I had the same bugs in a previous company with again a windows 2003 std srv

There is 2 type of bugs:1- The permissions change all alone from one day to the next.
I have a good exemple here case it's a single folder with only 10 xlsx files in it so it's easy to follow. I re-setup the permission yesterday and now they are all screwed. The permission are simple Domain Users = read write but no delete
Now today I see individual users name listed in there! And they are in gray which says they are inherited from the parent but when I look on the parent folder, that username is not listed!!! which brings me to the second point...

2- Permissions on children mark "inherit from parent" are not matching!
This one is fascinating cause you can see it right on the spot!

-A chkdsk use to fix it but I cannot reboot the server every day for that it would be ridiculous...
-All windows updates are applied
-And I had this on another server in another company so it's not "just this machine"
tx! for the infos

have you checked the vent logs to see if you have ay messages appearing?

This the only DC in the network?

have you checked the vent logs to see if you have ay messages appearing?

This the only DC in the network?

What permissions do you have at the Folder Level? Do they include CREATOR/OWNER? If so, what are those permissions set to?


I started the auto for "everyone" on permissions change
My other dc is not a file server it's an exchange
On the parent folder I have:Creator owner special permissions which when clicking on Advanced it says full control subf and files only
Domain admins full
groupe_admin modify
SYSTEM full control
Users all but delete, full control, change permissions

And if I go on one of the files under called "commandes" I see in the permissions
Ben -Full Control - Inherited from ...Parent which cannot be!

And if I uncheck "Allow inheritable permissions from the parent..." and select "copy" then delete all except domain admins and click ok... all are gone but when I re-check "Allow inheritable..." "Ben" comes back there???

I have see Allow inheritable disappear when the users are members of the domain admins group

CREATOR/OWNER is giving full permissions. This is your standard inheritance.


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