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We are running a Windows 2008 R2 server that handes Remote Desktop services.


This is 2 part question.

1.Logged in as Administrtor, I've noted that I am unable to remotely control some sessions. I do not see anything diffe??rent about these sessions. When I try to connect, I receive the error: Remote Desktop Services Manager | Access is denied.
2.The second part of the question is....I've got a manager who would like to assist/train some of the users and would like to shadow their sessions. How do I grant this access without granting full admin level access?

Thanks in advance.



I think this is what my issue is:

Re: question 1... It's been awhile but it may be due to updates that affect remote desktop. I guess it depends if you didn't do Windows Updates in awhile. Just thought worth mentioning.

Re: question 2... A recent question here addresses that: using various methods such as Remote Assistance, Team Viewer, and VNC.

what os you are using ! let me know thr is hotfix

Im on my cell and dont have the exact steps and menu names handy, but:
You need to enable Remote Control of the User account in AD to allow someone to view the session. Then choose to allow Remote Control to occur with or without User approval. I recommend without if you have the choice. You won't be able to view if this is not enabled.

On the RDS server you could try making the "Shadow" User a separate local admin account. Provide him a pre-created RDP icon that already has the username and password saved (but masked). When he logs into the RDS as the local admin he would be able to Task Manager and see the Users tab. Within that tab he could possibly R-Click the User and Remote Control.

I have not tested it but that is what I would try.

I think this is what my issue is:

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