windows 7 slow low CPU utilization HP 4300 SFF

Running windows 7 on HP 4300 SFF, for some reason its running slow even though system idle is at 92%. It speeds up then slows down. Removed antivirus no impact, ran malwarebytes system clean etc, for some reason still slows down although it shows low CPU usage.

And what makes it appear slow? I don't think your problem is clear yet.

And what makes it appear slow? I don't think your problem is clear yet.

System Idle always shows high CPU but it does not use any to speak of.

Open Task Manager, and set to Hide when Minimized and Minimize on Use (Two checks). Minimize it and let it show in the taskbar (Customize Icons). Let it run. CPU should run under 5% more than 95% of the time. The icon should always be dark green (not bright green).

What is CPU usage over time (an hour or so). Run Resource Monitor in Admin Tools to see performance over time. Check CPU and Disk. Heavy Disk usage slows down a machine and this will show up for 5 - 10 minutes at start up.

Run msconfig

goto services tab "hide all Microsoft services" then disable all other services.

goto startup tab disable all

restart computer..

See if same happens if not then either a service or a startup is conflicting

you can eliminate them using this method.

May be a disk issue - run Check Disc (type in command prompt window):chkdsk /r

Also System File Checker sfc /scannow (You will likely be prompted to insert a Windows OS disk)

Has the disc plenty of free space?

The drive may be wearing out?
Run the manufacturers hardware diagnostics tool on the drive.

as asked - with what software does it seem slow?
also - post some specs - this system can have many configurations for ram, disk and SSD
check in device manager for errors

try also if it happens in safe mode also - if that is the case, updating the driver can help

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