Windows 8.1 with Local and Domain Accounts


I am building our 8.1 SOE and we have some laptops that has a local account that is used when staff are out of the office, and when they are in the office they logon using their domain accounts.

The issue I have is they can't remember to type .LocalUser to access the local user account etc.

The last logged on user will show their domain account when they log on at home, as that was the last account they used, and also shows the local user account when they get back into office.

It's a pain for them to switch.

Is there a way to have the .localUser icon the remain on screen no matter what account they were last used?

I was thinking of having a start up or shutdown script that resets the registry value, but that is a bit annoying.

Anyone got any other ideas?

Why not just use the domain account always? The O/S does save cached credentials

Why not just use the domain account always? The O/S does save cached credentials

Also, show them how to use the back arrow on the log in screen. That shows other users.

You are not asking very much of your users.

We have loan pool laptops that are issues to staff at short notice. We need local accounts on these laptops. We need to ensure it works all the time. I will see what the back arrow give me but I am really after a way to have one account's icon in the screen no matter.

Steven, caching of credentials does work all the time. Don't get yourself into unneeded trouble.

Caching of credentials is not my issue. I need to use local accounts when not on the domain or in the office as my staff have redirected icons and appdata etc.

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