Windows Explorer auto scrolls to bottom of screen

Hello, I have a user that has a problem with Windows explorer. when the click on "Documents" in the left hand navigation pane, the window opens to the documents folder and scrolls all the way to the bottom of the windows, you can use your scroll bar to get back to the top but if you let go of the mouse key the window scrolls to the bottom. This happens to some folders but not all.

We ended up removing the last set of windows updates and reinstalling. That appears to have fixed it. The user says they had the laptop unplugged when it was finishing windows updates and the battery ran out of power....

Try another keyboard and see if problem goes away.

Also tap the END key (there are two on keyboard) briskly and see if the problem goes away.

Symptoms are those of a sticking END key.

could be the down arrow key also

Nope it is not a sticky key... the keyboard is a laptop so we can try a different keyboard but it does not appear to be the issue.

did you disable the inbuild keyboard for testing?

how do you disable the inbuild keyboard... it was never an issue in the past...

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