After installing apps 'Advance SystemCare', no login user-password screen when turn after Hibernate.

The notebook started to NOT ask for user-password when being awake after a sleep or hibernate. After checking all the configurations, we found that the problem is in the power plan where the 'Required Password on wakeup' is grayed out (see pic below). This seem to happen after installing 'Advance SystemCare'.

All you should have to do is click on "Change settings that are currently unavailable" => and then you'll be able to change the password option.

i would uninstall advanced system care - i'm very cautious with "advanced" software in general
you can also do a system restore if it won't uninstall

This apps is from "iobit uninstaller" we've been using for a long time; we would like to keep it.

We have solved the problem by selecting the "Windows Power Plan" instead of "'Advance SystemCare Power Plan" and it worked. The notebook when turning on after a sleep or hibernate, always asks the password.

Nevertheless, if possible, we would like to stay with the "Advance SystemCare" power plan. How can we enable enable 'Required Password on wakeup' on this plan?

Thanx ion advance.

i would contact iobit with this problem, since it is specific for their product :

We did and no answer; the reason we turn to EE.

ah isee - did you wait long enough, or try by phone?

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