C: drive becoming full after Windows Update


I created a new server and ran the Windows Updates and it seems like there were about 110 updates and now my C: drive is full on a Windows 2008r2 server. How can I regain some of my disk space back? I'm assuming the first step would be to make sure it's Windows Updates is causing this challenge.

How much GB is your C?

How much GB is your C?

I have 50GB on C: drive and 5GB available.
I also have 85GB on D: drive and all is available.

Also, does MS provide a tool that will show me exactly what is causing this issue?

Hi Uppercut7141,

I have a few suggestions based on my experience with similar problems with a SBS2003 server.

First, it would help to know the size of your C drive (partition), how much free space you had prior to the updates and how much you have now.

Do you have any utilities that show you disk usage by directories and file types on your server? I am a huge fan of TreeSize Professional. It will quickly show you where the space is being used. I have used it many times to locate bloated directories or unexpectedly large files.

Are you running WSUS on this server? If you are, I would check that folder to see if it is the source of the problem. If you are running WSUS, that database can quickly become huge if you are downloading all updates for a variety of other server/client operating systems.

If your WSUS file is huge, you can 1) try to compact it or 2) move the WSUS database to another drive. I personally moved my WSUS database to another drive. I'm not sure how to do it on 2008 R2, but I would bet a quick search on EE would give you the steps to follow.

Another potential culprit is Exchange if you are running that. I know these are just general ideas. Perhaps it will give you something to check while you wait for a real 2008 R2 expert to chime in. Good luck!

I just saw your drive specs. 50GB seems a little on the small side, I have a 75GB partition on my SBS2003 server and a 100GB partition on my 2012R2. Are you using your C drive as a file server for your network? Since D is 100% free, I would look to see if there are any files you can move over to it. TreeSize Professional would help you identify potential files to use. There may be other utilities that would also work, but it sure beats running searches in Windows Explorer!

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