clients computer has virus / spyware. I want to install logmein so I can access computer because client needs computer back

my computer and clients computer is windows7. Which logmein should I use. Do I need two email accounts or one email account. Please provide download link.

Also, in case you need antivirus cleanup links:

Also, in case you need antivirus cleanup links:

I don't think LogMeIn has a free version any more. You might be better with TeamViewer.

I would be very careful trying to remove this file over a remote connection. Normally a machine should be disconnected from the network and then the removal should be attempted.

Hi rgb192,

Go on this link - LogMeIn Download

And download the first one on the left side, at the top - "LogMeIn host software (Windows)" for Windows 7.


Does logmein have a free version
and what is the link to windows7

or can teamviewer do the same?

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