How to get a dropbox url from the windows path


If i right-click on a dropbox file in Windows I have the option to "Share dropbox link". this will give me a public URL (and presumably sets the file up for sharing)

I would like to get this link automatically for a bunch of files. If there any way to do this? I'm ok to use Excel VBA or a bat file, but aside from that I'd be reluctant to code something else up.

Any pointers welcome.

Many thanks

from dropbox:
"Thanks for writing in. There isn't an algorithm you can use locally to calculate these exactly, as these links are actually generated on demand on the server. There is an API endpoint you can use to retrieve these links though. Specifically, you'd want to use the /shares endpoint:

You'd need to have the user first authorize an API app you registered to access their account before you can do so though.

For reference, you can find everything you need to get started with the Dropbox API, including documentation, tutorials, and SDKs here:


I'd start by searching the registry for the text: Share dropbox link
When found, browse the subkeys for the related command value

Thanks, any tips how to do this from a dos prompt?

Also, if the link is only created by invoking the menu option "share dropbox link" how else could this work?


Many times, a right-click on a file means the option may be in the registry. To search the registry...

1. Press Ctrl-R. A Run dialog appears.
2. Type regedit.
3. Press Ctrl-F
4. Type Share dropbox link.
5. Press F3 to find next result. Continue F3 till you find it, or no more results
6. If that doesn't bring results. Find DROPBOX instead.

Thanks for that.

Nothing for Share dropbox link. Various results for dropbox mainly DropboxExt, nothing that makes any sense to me though, no recognizable URLs so far (but maybe i need to press F3 another 50 times)

I'll update if any change, but meanwhile any further ideas welcome.

I've just tried to search the registry for a known dropbox URL in case that brings anything up, but no luck.

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