is it possible to hide to prevent a non administrator user from typing a path in windows explorer?

is there a way in the registry to prevent a user from typing say c:program files or c:windows
in the address bar?
if so how can this be done?

Here is another EE question for the same thing.

Here is another EE question for the same thing.

...but there will still be other ways like portable 3rd Party Explorers (total commander, for example). So this will only be "security by obscurity".

so there isn't a way for a specific user to prevent it? I'm able to do it system wide.

MLGPOs can be set for single users and restrict that, yes. But as mentioned, they can be easily circumvented, as they only work for explorer.exe, not for other explorer-like tools like total commander.

here is a working solution for any that are interested.
prevents them from typing anything in address bar but allows administrators to do so.

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