Reinstall Win 8 on Toshiba laptop from copied Recovery partition

I am working on a Toshiba Satellite laptop that had a hard drive failure on the main partition. I was able to recreate the partitions on a new hard drive (using diskpart) as they existed on the original drive. I was able to copy the 8G Recovery partition (last partition) to the new drive using Easeus Partition Manager. My assumption was that I should be able to reinstall Windows from that partition, but have not been successful at doing so.

I have booted a Windows 8 installation disk and tried to do the Reset. I get the message: Unable to rest your PC. A required drive partition is missing". I have doublechecked and the Restore partition and it appears to have a complete collection of files on it and it is listed as a Recovery partition, both in the label and in the partition type.

I have held down the 0 key when turning the system on, but that appears to have no effect.

I have held down F12 when turning the system on and it gives me some choices on physical boot devices (ODD, HDD, USB, etc.) but nothing about the Recovery.

The client never made the Recovery Disks and I don't have any similar computers around from which to make such disks.

I'd like to be able to do the reinstallation without the time and expense of ordering the disks from Toshiba. Is there a reasonable alternative?

Have you tried pressing F8 to see if it takes you to the recovery partition ?

Have you tried pressing F8 to see if it takes you to the recovery partition ?

Holding F8 or Fn-F8 as I turn power on seems to make no difference. It tries to boot from the DVD.

If there was a disk failure, it is likely that also the recovery partition was affected. So if after that you copied it you also copied the errors it contained.

I'm afraid you will have to order the recovery media from Toshiba.

The recovery disks would be filled up with preinstalled stuff you normally wouldn't even want.
It is desirable to have a clean system with just the drivers. So download the windows ISO and most probably, your serail number will be picked up automatically from the UEFI firmware.
Instructions for OEM systems:

It is very easy to uninstall those programs you don't need after you have done a factory restore. If you do a normal installation, chances are that you forget things that may be needed, and then not everything will run as it is supposed to. Troubleshooting things like that usually takes more time than doing a factory restore then removing just those things you don't want.

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