Run TASK scheduler on demand

I created a script to run a task already defined in task scheduler on demand. I would like to use VBScript as I can compile to an exe and encrypt the id and password. Any help would be great. Thanks
Script:set objShell = CreateObject("WScript.Shell") "cmd.exe /C ""SCHTASKS /Run /S servername /U halcyonuswername /P password" & " /I" & " /TN" & " ExportsBank of eden (qqq) file Export"""

Thank you for your help

My two second google search;

My two second google search;

Thank you for the password info, but I am more interested in finding out why does the code I posted is not working.

BTW, it works from the command prompt if I type the following:SCHTASKS /Run /S servername /U halcyonusername /P password /I /TN "ExportsBank of eden (qqq) file Export"

Ahh, I must have read it wrong.
Have you tried replacing the " with ( ) or '

So, What is the error you are getting?
You compile it to exe right, then execute it and what happens?

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