Screen mirroring with Windows 7 or 8


I need to find a solution for people to be able to mirror their laptop into our TV in the conference room. Some have Windows 7, other Windows 8.

The thing is I would want something that work natively, like Miracast with Windows 8, without having to plug anything on their laptop. Is it possible to add a program or driver on the Windows 7, or that doesn't exist ?

I'm currently looking at the Microsoft wireless display adapter.

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What type of TV is it? Intel wireless display won;t work with an old school TV to my knowledge.

What type of TV is it? Intel wireless display won;t work with an old school TV to my knowledge.

Just connect the laptop to the TV's VGA/DVI/HDMI or Display Port, whatever input your TV has, and/or whatever output your notebooks have you may need an adapter to convert the output to the TV's input. Then make sure the TV is set to that input port, and windows should recognize the TV as a 2nd display. Now you can set your PC's display properties to clone the 2 displays. The resolution will be reduced to the lower of the 2 display's resolutions.

The TV is an RCA from last year.

I forgot to mention, it has to be wireless.


Does your TV support it? You gave no info about it's type or capabilities.

Hi rindi,

Normally, your solution would be a good one, but in this case, Guillaume said, "without having to plug anything on their laptop".

Hi Guillaume,

I looked into this a while ago and found this product:

It claims to work with W7/W8/W8.1, and the devices do not have to support Miracast or WiDi:Don't worry if you don't have a Wi-Fi Miracast or Intel WiDi capable device yet. The Screenbeam USB Transmitter can add wireless display to compatible Windows 7 and Windows 8 Laptop/PCs.
It looked very promising and I was going to try it, but in the end I decided on a wired connection. So I can't provide a personal recommendation for this, but am simply passing it along for your consideration. It is available at Amazon:

Regards, Joe

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