Unordered or unsorted list in folder security

In folder security where you assign access rights, the users are not listed in alphabetically order. Previously it was in ordered list but somehow got change to unordered list. How can I change it back to sorted (alphabetical) order.

The image attached probably better explains my problem.

the security tab in the advance is the quick ordering but will not retain and reflect such ordering back in the security tab. at least you have an alternate means to see ordered list though this is not the best way for viewing it as a perm soln. This is still a means to the end. For the perm re-order, there is no documented steps stating the how to re-order per se. I will say not viable or worth if you need the perm basis.



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I was thinking to go into the advance button and there you see the name which you can reorder it as like you be able to do it in Windows explorer display tab. if you see this image (with name tab under Permission entries..)

otherwise, I was thinking it may be the way the ACE is added for each user or group hence the order (like first get to be appended to the list)..there is tools like Dsacls or even script using DLL (e.g. ADsSecurity.dll) that can read those DACL and display according but ordering is specific to ACEs only.

other thoughts is maybe the order display in the file/folder listing under explorer but it may not be impacting to the security tab for the file/folder property option

Thank you btan for responding.

I have reordered in the advance windows but still unordered in the security tab. I have no access to the AD itself so can't try your other methods

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