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I need to take a picture from windows explorer. I have a online database app that I want to take a picture directly from windows explorer. Now I only have an option to upload a picture. Check out pic below.

I had to code it with php in the end

What's wrong with PrtScr button on the keyboard?

That makes a copy of your whole screen.

ALT-PrtScr will give a copy of the application's screen or an open dialog box.

To view and save your copy go to Paint and do a paste into (and then save). I actually use IrfanView to paste into (and save).

Im trying to take a photo from a webcam. PrtScr give you a screenshot of whats on your screen?

I have a webform where I have to upload a picture. When you click on upload you get the above option to select image. I want to capture the image from webcam. On the webform I would click upload. The above image appears for me to select image. If the image is not there I have to close, open webcam software and take photo. Go back and upload. I want to take picture directly from here.

Pat, your screenshot shows a simple file chooser dialogue by google chrome. You will not be able to modify it to work with your webcam, it is simply not meant to be adjustable like that.

Try SnagIt ( I think SnagIt can do what you want. I use it to collect images off the screen. You can install a trial and see if it does what you want.

Which webcam do you use? You're going to need some capture software to grab the image as the first step, and then you'll have to upload it afterwards. File explorers, as stated, can't do this.
There's plenty of free capture options around if you need them:eg

You may be able to assign some hotkeys to grab the image, possibly using AutoHotkey

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