Where can I find "show process from all users" for WIndows 8.1 Task Manager?

It might be a very simple answer. I use Windows 8 64bit machine and it is running out of memory. I tried to figure it out, but It doesn't say which programs are consuming the memory. I run Task Manager as Administrator, but still I can not see all processes running on my Machine.

See if RAMMap helps:https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/sysinternals/ff700229.aspx

One of the authors, Mark Russinovich, is the same person who did Process Explorer.

Is there any services taking more resource ?

Since your system will have UAC on,you will have to run taskmgr elevated. Then, all are seen on the details tab.

Thank you for the reply.

My machine's memory constantly spikes 70 ~ 90% and I'm trying to figure out which background services are using resources. In Task bar, Users tab, I only used 2GB of memory (I have 8GB memory on my laptop), but shows 80% for example. I do have 2 Hyper-V clients, they are not active now.

I have an administrator right on my computer also, I tried run Task Manager as different user (administrator), but I can not view system or other users are running resource intensive applications.

Are you looking at the "Details" tab (4th tab)?
Also make sure that you show the max. workingset column to see which process requested a lot of memory though not having it in use now.

Here are some W8 screenshots that may help:

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