Windows 7 Sharing Permissions not Propagating to Files

It should be so easy to share a folder in a workgroup and access the contents from another computer in the workgroup. So it is driving me crazy that this isn't working. There is a scanner that sends the scan as a PDF via FTP to a Scan folder on a Windows 7 computer. The Scan folder is shared, and read/write permissions are granted to Everyone under Sharing, and Full Control for Everyone under Security. The other computers can see and open the folder, but cannot see the contents. I discovered that the PDF files are not inheriting the permissions of the parent folder. If I go in manually and replace all child object permissions with inheritable permissions from the folder, I can then see the PDF's from other computers. But that only works if I manually do that. It is not happening automatically. I feel like I am missing something right in front of me - I've done this hundreds of times and have never had a problem. I will gladly award the points to someone who can lead me to the answer, even if it is obvious and makes me look like an idiot!!

What does the FTP command look like?

What does the FTP command look like?

On the machine with the scans, you can set up the users (and passwords) of machines trying to access. Then ensure the folders are permitted to these specific users. I do this and it works.

Please see my article on modern folder sharing.

It's in the GUI of a Konica Minolta scanner, and just has a field for IP address, folder name, and anonymous login. The FTP utility is installed on the Windows 7 machine. I should have pointed out that this was apparently working fine on another Windows 7 computer in the past, but I don't have access to that computer to see exactly how it was set up. But that tells me it isn't an issue from the sending side.

Look through user enumeration as I described and then make in Network and Sharing center that Network Discovery and File/Print sharing are ON, Users and Passwords Required and Homegroup OFF.

Can you get a screenshot of the ACE's in the advanced screen? Seems like there might be a "this object only" or something weird on your permissions.

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