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Hi, i am having a problem with Microsoft Outlook 10. When I setup this new computer, I ended up with a folder called Outlook in my documents folder. I don't remember, but I may have created it. The folder contains a data file called Music (which is the name of the computer) See pic 1. When I right click on it, in Outlook and go to properties, I see on the first tab; "When posting to this folder, use IPM.Post and the second tab shows this as the path: res://C:Program Files (x86)Microsoft OfficeOffice141033OUTLWVW.DLL/outlook.htm.

I went to settings in Outlook and deleted it as an active account thinking it would remove it from Outlook but it did not. Now, here comes the interesting part, If I remove the Outlook folder from My Documents, I am no longer able to log into Outlook.

So, How can I get rid of this unwanted email account?

Sorry, I overlooked something. The second tab I referred to also shows;

Show home page by default for this folder.

Sorry, I overlooked something. The second tab I referred to also shows;

Show home page by default for this folder.

Open Outlook. File, Account Settings.

In the Window that opens, look in the Data Files tab. This will show you precisely where your Outlook files are.

Remember, Outlook 2010 and above by default makes a new data file for each new account.

Yes, I have been there but at present Music is the DEFAULT email and I want to change it to ca@ but the program won't let me. I feel like if I could change the default to be ca@, it would allow me to delete this account. Do you know how I can do this short of deleting ca@ and recreating it? - see pic 2

You asked where the path was so I pointed you to Data Files.

Go to the Email tab and you should be able to change the Default email account from the Email tab. I change the default here, not in Data Files.

You are absolutely correct and I apologize. The Email tab is where I started the process of trying to delete this account. It was listed, I selected it and I deleted it. It no longer shows up under this Tab but as you can see from the above, it still shows up under the Data Files and it shows that it is the default account. And, as I said earlier, If I delete that folder, I can no longer log into Outlook. My mission is to delete this account, but be able to access the other accounts.

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