Good Microsoft Forum where I can ask questions

I would like to know of some good forums where I can ask matters related to Microsoft windows.

what about here?

or at the microsoft technet forums:

what about here?

or at the microsoft technet forums:

How about here Allan? - we've quite a few Microsoft MVPs as experts :)

please don't suggest sites that are concurrent to Experts-Exhange.
of course, official Microsoft sites may be posted.
a3, zone advisor

my apologies wasn't aware of this

That's okay, cwstad2. It's like asking in one store if there are other stores to buy the items you are looking for.

From experience: some stores may take umbrage at the question; some other stores don't bat an eye and tell you the names (and even locations) of the other stores. A customer may become a life-long regular customer of the kind of store (where he got his answer right-away) I certainly did.

(It depends on the store's policy, of course, their focus: short-term vs long-term; and their confidence about their product in comparison with their competitors. Nothing right or wrong about it.)

So, you need not apologize, please. It's a good policy for any store to treat a customer right with polite respectfulness (and answering an easily answerable question and never having a need for a sales person to apologize for answering a customers' question. A sales-person, however, must act according to and within 'his employers', the store, policy).

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