How to edit a midi track

Hi, does any one know of a program that will allow you to edit (minimize/maximize) a particular track such as the lead instrument and be able to SAVE the change? I have found many programs but the ones I've seen do not allow you to do much more than mute a track and save that but not save other changes you make. Thanks

Maybe this one:

Maybe this one:

No, Audacity is an Audio editor. MIDI is not an audio format as such, it is a data format that is used to tell MIDI controllers what to do which includes making sounds. Here is a list MIDI editors and sequencers. Some are free, some are Open Source.

According to the MIDI Manufactures Association there are hundreds of programs available for the iPad/iPhone

Would this be an option for you?

I am familiar with this article having seen it several weeks back. I have also read the Wikipedia information but it doesn't answer my question. First of all I have a Windows 7 machine. Secondly, I would gladly pay good money if I could find a reliable program that would allow me to control the decibels (output) for each track. In midi, the creator assigns the decibel amount to each track to his liking and apparently can't be changed. I am looking for a program that would give me the flexibility of changing these settings to my liking. As I said, I have checked several programs but have not found one that will let me do that. They will let me change instruments and they will let me mute a track but if I want to reduce the output volume on a track from 80 decibels to 40 decibels it won't let me.

This is really important for me and if anyone knows of such a program or can provide some meaningful input to solve this problem I would really appreciate it.
Thank you very much

Have you taken a look at Cakewalk?

Here's section on editing MIDI Events

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