Install Windows 8 OS to Hyper-V Virtual Machine using a Recovery USB

We are creating a VM in our Toshiba notebook. We have Windows 7 & XP VM but now we need to create a Windows 8. Unfortunately, we did not receive the the Windows 8 CD. After calling Toshiba, we were informed that the OS is in a partition and to have the OS is just to run the recovery tool and that will copy it to a USB flash drive; which we did.

Since creating VM we uses ISO, when viewing the USB, there is none (see pic).

Microsoft's Recovery Media Download for Windows 8.1.

Unfortunately, I think the answer is "you can't". The recovery partition install is for recovering the laptop, The OEM license included doesn't permit (as I understand it) a second copy of Windows 8 running in the VM. You would have to buy another copy of Windows 8 to do this -- which would provide you access to installation media making what you're asking unnecessary.

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When talking with TOSHIBA support they said we can use that for install. When we called them we told then our need for Windows 8 OS for the VM and was confirmed to run the recovery media apps and we would have & use the OS.

In our older notebook, an HP business, it was the same issued, but it came with OS within partition but unfortunately we couldn't find the steps we used to install the OEM OS to the Windows 7 VPC VM version for that machine.

Doesn't make sense if we purchased Windows 8 Pro and it's not allowed to installed within Windows 8 Hyper-V VM which came with this machine (this was discuss with the TOSHIBA tech).

There has to be a way.

Swipe in from the right and type: Recovery Drive.

The wizard would create a USB flash drive for recovering the OS.

Pass that through to the VM and it should boot to create your VM.

Tried all option in the "Install Option" screen to no avail (see epic below)

As in the USB drive that the Recovery Drive creator made? Boot from it using a boot order prompt on the system.

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