list of all disabeled users in active directory


I need last month or last 30 days disabled users list with name, samaccount, email, diplayname ,description and when was disabled or modified

I would like to run it in active directory as query or in power shell.

If you can provide me with step by step instructions as I am new in PS

Thank you in advance

Display required info in PS console.

Display required info in PS console.

You can use the following below to achieve this...

I will run it and let you know, how long will take to get the report. Does it effect our network performance.

How about if I want to run it on on OU.
Please advise

Thank you in advance

Hi Guys,
I have ran both scripts and both of them did not give me when the user was disabled (Disabled date )

it gave me whenChanged , which is not I need please .
can I get an email address in with this report too please


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