SCCM 2007: JAR Install Failing (Bad Environment)


I'm trying to deploy some software, but the installer is a JAR file. Double-clicking to install is not an issue, but when I try to deploy it through SCCM 2007, I get the Failed: Bad Environment error. I tried to execute it using the path to our DP and I'm met with a prompt to choose a program to open the selected file with.

Are there some switches I can use or something else I can do to have SCCM tell the client workstation to use Java to run the installer? All client workstations on my domain have the latest JREs.


What are the switches you are using?

What are the switches you are using?

What cmd line you are using in the SCCM ?

Please attach execmgr.log and output of set command

You can use javaw.exe

Sorry for the delay!

It's on another network and I cannot export logs, unfortunately. What I used previously is:
\serversoftware$productionjre7binjava.exe -jar JAR_Filename.jar

How do you mean use javaw.exe?

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